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Sarah- Keoni's Mama  Portland, OR

My testimony: Since childhood I have had trouble with my skin and a subject to bully. My parents tried everything! Nothing fully worked, Either I would still be itchy, or the lotion had perfume in it and caused hives, or coconut oil but that by itself doesn't do justice. So today I want to HIGHLY recommend TAZ.. When the seasons change so does my skin , and after a shower I itch like no other. Not THIS TIME!!!! I put this on and I was in tears. All these years and FINALLY a product that not only works, but smells good and leaves me feeling so smooth!I even put this on my son who has bumps on his arms and it is helping them go away. For anyone that has skin problems or when you read this a light goes off and says, " oh that sounds like so and so" please get this!!!I have used the body butters and the freaky friday frizzy on my sons hair. Remember a little goes a LONGGG way. Not only are the products amazing, so is the owner/maker!That is my testimony and I thank you for reading!

Donisha  Beaverton

I have used Just V Natural for the past 5 months. My favorite two products are the Brazilian Sea Salt Face Scrub and Oh So Yummy Body Butter (Creamsicle). The Brazilian Sea Salt Scrub has made my face smoother and even toned. I also noticed significantly less blackheads and a balance in moisture. I love the scent of the Creamsicle, this product leaves my skin smelling awesome for hours, moisturized, and over time smoother. I am recommending Just V Natural products!

Pastor VR  Portland, Oregon

I have been very impressed with the friendliness and responsiveness of Just V Natural. I rarely even use natural products but it has been stunning to use the many products by Just V Natural. God is GOOD!

Mamie  Portland Oregon

I've used a few of the body butters and love how my skin feels afterwards and they all smell so yummy. I decided to try justvnatural on my hair and finally found something that turns my frizzy hair into moist shiny curls

Vasha  Greenville, Ms

The twist in twist out hair butter is amazing! My twist out came out really defined and shiny. I also used it on my scalp! The coconut milkshake co-wash is amazing as well! My hair had really bad heat damage due to blow drying and for the longest I was not able to see my curl pattern. After using this product, my hair was extremely soft, and my curl pattern was visible. I recommend both of these products for girls with natural hair! TWO THUMBS UP!!!

Kenyatta Trice  Portland

I use the Twist In Twist Out Hair Butter on my scalp and it keeps my scalp moistened and not dry and itchy. Especially with set-in weaves and braids, my scalp is never dry or flaky. And it doesn't leave residue on the base of the braid either. The facial srub is great for my skin; it leaves the skin smooth & as soft as a baby' know what! (lol) But for real, the srub is easy to use in the morning. It doesn't leave a mess on your fingers or a matter of fact, your hands will be smooth after massaging into your skin. I support and suggest you try it too!!

Leta  Portland, Oregon

I am a licensed beautician, I have tried two of these products so far. The hair butter is a great product for natural hairstyles, especially for course textures. Making it soft and shinny. The other product I am trying is the facial scrub, it smells good and leaves my face very soft. I will be recommending the use of these products to all my clients as well as my peers!