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Special Order

Special Orders

Special Order


Special Order

from 50.00

What is a Special Order: A Special Order is a custom order for say, a birthday party (both young and old), weddings, employee appreciation, ladies night out or retreat, a bachelor or bachelorette party, I mean the possibilities are endless.

What are my options for a Special Order: Well, you can pretty much customize it to your liking, most Special Orders come with mini sized items, like 4oz Body Butters or Body Scrubs. These items don't usually come in 4oz which makes them a perfect gift set size. Special Orders come in either Burlap drawstring bags or a Cotton drawstring bag. My business card will be included in each gift set. I can even CUSTOMIZE the label on each product to reflect the event or person you are celebrating.

How much does each gift set cost: Well, once again that is up to you and your budget. The least expensive gift set is $15 per set, which usually comes with a Kissable Lickable Lip Scrub and a 4oz Body Butter. However the average price of a gift set is $20 each and there is a lot of room to play around with what items you get for that price. 

Is there a minimum purchase order: YES!!! $60

What about shipping: If you are going to pick up your order, then please, once you get to the check out page, there is a box that says COUPON, you will need to type in LOCAL in all caps to cancel out your shipping so that you won't get charged. However if you are going to have your package shipped to you then you need to choose the shipping amount that fits your order, you will know this once we have finalized your order and you receive an email with complete ordering details and instructions.  

Anything else I should know: Yes! you will first need to have had a conversation with me about your order BEFORE you can order from this page. Please contact me via email and we will take it from there. Trust me that I am very creative and also flexible, I can and will work with any budget! I would like to have at least 3 weeks notice so that I can be completely prepared. You may be asked to put down a half price deposit via this page. 

Thanks, I'm ready to discuss my Special Order:

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