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Why Just V?

 The Root of the Matter.....


Just V Natural started out as Just an idea, kinda like a "What If." What would happen if I mixed this with that? Well......she did and walked away and a few hours later she had a "this!!" Very exciting, it was indeed! Just V Natural products made their grand entrance into this world at a 2015 Superbowl party!!! After that first TOUCHDOWN, the rest they say is history!

Just V Natural continues to make products that will resurrect your skin back to a healthy life by using naturally resourced ingredients and only the richest quality of Shea Butter and Black African Soap that Ghana has to offer. We don't waste money on fancy packaging, it's whats inside the package that matters. Just V Natural customers are like cousins, so please, join our family and start living a Just V Natural life today!

Just V Natural is about going back to basics, it's about being able to connect with every ingredient in each product. We promise to always keep things simple, you'll never have to wonder what's inside your jar. 

Just V Natural values that our products are handcrafted and locally made right here in the Northwest. 

Just V Natural is about what you choose to put on your body. It's about giving your body the very best.

Just V Natural is about changing the way your body feels about you.


Local Customers

If you live in the Metro Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington area please take advantage of our NO SHIPPING FEE. That's right! Just type the word LOCAL in ALL caps on the checkout page in the coupon/discount box and your shipping fee will be removed, then shoot me a simple email on how you would like to meet to receive your package! Easy as pie!


Far Far Away Customers

Fret not my distance cousins! International shipping is on the horizon. Look for it in the upcoming sunset, or you could just check back here every so often!

Have Fun With It

I totally enjoy what I do and how I do it. I encourage you to take the same approach in whatever you do in life. Whether you're at a job that you love or you are running your own company, take it to heart, make it your own and just have fun with it. Life can be so serious at times so you totally have my permission to let your hair down and kick off your shoes to dance in the rain.