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Ambitious Afrolicous leave-in Hair Lotion

Hair & Beards

Ambitious Afrolicous leave-in Hair Lotion


Ambitious Afrolicous leave-in Hair Lotion

from 20.00

Ambitious Afrolicous leave-in Hair Lotion! It’s what your hair has been waiting for! So why are you so excited about this product? Well, pull up a chair and lets talk about it!

#1 Let’s talk hair: curly, flat ironed, straight, tight coiled and down right kinky, all have a special need for some TLC in the moisture department. We may walk out the door with a fresh style but what about all the stress, sweat, heat and inclement weather that we didn’t sign up for but has a direct impact on how our hair chooses to behave (or not!!). Consistent moisture that last throughout the day is gonna be your new best friend.

#2 Lets talk ingredients: Shea butter has a long list of health benefits from itchy skin, frost bite, to highly moisturizing but it doesn’t stop there, Shea Butter restores moisture to the hair especially after it has been damaged by heat and chemicals. Rose Water is an all time favorite among those who know and understand the power of the rose. Extremely hydrating and nurturing, Rose water is rich in vitamins A, B3, C, D and E. Black Castor oil and Vegetable Glycerin both have a long standing reputation for hair growth. Grape Seed oil is again a dry heads dream come true in the fairy tale of dehydrated hair. Join Team Just V, your afro, locs, braids, curls and kinks will love you for it.

#3 Lets talk performance: Ambitious Afrolicous leave-in Hair Butter puts on quite a show, working around the clock to keep your hair moisturized, styled all day long and silky soft, (no crunchy hair here baby!) and it smells amazingly like a soulful rose.

How do I use it?: Apply a few finger scoops to hair as desired for styling. Use as a base for a wet set, or use as an all day leave in conditioner.

What’s in it?: Shea Butter (Ghana), Black Castor oil, Grape Seed oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Rose Water, and Rose oil.

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