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Clean Bone Stew Body Scrub


Clean Bone Stew Body Scrub


Clean Bone Stew Body Scrub


Clean right down to the bone! That's what you get with Clean Bone Stew Body Scrub. Smells good enough to throw in the crock-pot (not really...LOL) but your gonna want this on the body for a deep cleansing. Imagine a steamy shower with the aroma of Cedarwood and Lavender filling the air, now imagine the exfoliation of Sea Salt and Black Pepper along with other spices. This is an experience your not gonna want to miss. 

What's in it and Why?: 

  • Black African Soap (because of all the health benefits of this natural soap made in Ghana)

  • Shea Butter (to moisturize the skin while cleaning it)

  • Grape Seed oil & Avocado oil (to moisturize the skin beyond the pores)

  • Lavender and Cedarwood oils (because they both are very calming and relaxing oils and carry many health benefits such as boost mental activity, reduce pain and allows the body to ground itself )

  • Sea Salt & Black Pepper (exfoliation)

  • Ginger (tightens skin, giving it a younger appearance)

  • Cinnamon (helps with dry skin)

  • Paprika (anti-inflammatory)

  • Basil (helps with extremely dry skin issues)

How do I use it? Dip for a two finger scoop and apply to wet upper body, rub onto body for a thick lather, repeat for lower body. Enjoy the exfoliation of the spices until they are dissolved. Lather as long as you wish and rinse when you've had enough fun showering in Clean Bone Stew Body Scrub. Towel dry until barely damp (you never want to get the skin completely dry after showering, fyi), next apply your favorite body butter and poof! You'll smell amazing! If you love the way this scrub smells (which you totally will) then I would suggest you get the "Graceful" body butter to follow up your bathing routine! Happy Showering!

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