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A few answers to a few questions

Where do you get your Shea butter from: the Shea butter is imported from Ghana, West African.  

Why do I need Body Butter: Because your skin is your biggest organ and it needs to be taken care of just like any other part of your body. If you don't moisturize your skin daily then you will experience drying, cracked, and even rashy skin. Please do your skin a favor and keep it moisturized with all natural Shea butter body butters. 

How much Butter Body do I use: I would start out with about a quarter size and that should cover an entire arm and even upper chest area. Massage into the skin until dissolved. 

I have very dry skin will Body Butter help me: Yes!! Body butter is very moisturizing and can solve most dry skin issues.

I have Eczema, do you have any products for me: Those with eczema or other extreme dry skin issues should take a look at the TAZ Cream, which does wonders for eczema. It is rich with such oils as Emu, Castor and Coconut, just to name a few. We also have a  NEW product named TAZ HAIR/BODY WASH which is a full body wash that is also gentle enough for the face. Since some people can experience Eczema on their scalp, this product is also great for hair washing on ANY hair type. 

Tear proof? : Having a product that claims to be tear proof is something we don't do. The body is set up to ward away things that shouldn't come into contact with certain body part, so that is the reason we tear up or cry with irritation when something gets into our eyes. It's our body's way of saying," Hey, get that out of here."  Just V Natural will never put in chemicals to "trick" your body into thinking that a substance is okay for the eyes. Bottom line, not everything is meant to come into contact with all body parts, especially the eyes. 

How fresh is my order: All Just V Natural products are produced in small batches. Which means that they are not just sitting on a shelf somewhere waiting to be shipped off. Each small batch is always handmade once they are ordered give or take 24 hours. Your products will always be fresh!!

What if something went wrong with my order: Its very simple, just call or email me and we will hash it out together. 

I want a refund: No problem, we will make it happen ASAP!

How do I keep my baby from eating my product!! : Well, those darn babies can get into about anything. Most of my lids are screw on so that should be a great baby proofing start. The tin containers take some work to remove the lids, again, not the easiest for a baby to get into. However, if your baby gets into an open container I would highly recommend calling your child's doctor. Yes all of my ingredients are local, natural and even organic but that doesn't mean that they are all meant to be eaten. Note from the wise mother of 5, keep things up and away from baby. 

I think I'm allergic to an ingredient in the product: All ingredients are listed on the website as well as the product container, if you see something that you want but one of the ingredients is a no-go for you, just give me a call and we can hash out a substitute ingredient for you. I'm all about making a way out of no way!