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Sugar Scrubs

Body Wash/Scrub

Sugar Scrubs


Sugar Scrubs


Sugar Scrubs comes in two scents! 

  • Dark Chocolate: smells of chocolate dipped cherries! 
  • Graceful Love: smells of sweet Lavender and oh so relaxing!

Sugar Scrub is a body scrub that carries natural oils right down to your thirsty pores while exfoliating the dry dead skin, leaving you with a silky smooth shine all over your body. A scent of sweet chocolate covered cherries, that last all day long. Sugar Scrubs will not only have you feeling extra soft but also has a great cleansing agent which is the Black African Soap, that will give you a rich thick lather. So you will walk away feeling clean, smelling good enough to eat and soft as a baby's you know what!

HOW DOES IT WORK? Scoop some out of the jar with two fingers and apply to wet skin. A nice lather will appear and increase as you continue to rub the sugar scrub on your body until sugar dissolves into skin. Rinse off and pat dry with bath towel. 

WHATS IN IT? Black African Soap (Ghana), Grape Seed oil, Virgin Olive oil, Essential oils, and Raw Cane Sugar.

Note: It's the only Sugar Scrub that Lathers!!

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Sugar Scrubs from Just V Natural are an amazing way to bring back the softness to your body, just watch the lather of this Sugar Scrub as a demo is done at the Walk This Way fashion show.