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I Sweat Flowers...Lavender Deodorant

Natural Toothpaste & Deodorant

I Sweat Flowers...Lavender Deodorant


I Sweat Flowers...Lavender Deodorant


Sweet Lavender is the aroma of this all natural deodorant. It's thick and creamy and glides on without feeling gritty or greasy. I Sweat Flowers will keep you dry while allowing your body to naturally sweat (because you are supposed too!) but without the stink! A finger-tip full is all you need for each armpit and freshness all day long. Go ahead, try it, your sweat glands will thank you for it!! You'll smell so good, your friends will think that you're sweating flowers!!! comes in a 2oz tin.  

NOTE: Aluminum FREE!!! Yayyyy!!

How Do I Use It: Dip your finger in the tin and dab out a finger tip full and rub onto each armpit. apply enough for your comfort level, but a pea size is all you really need. 

What's In It & Why: Glad you asked!!

  • Shea Butter (from Ghana) = to keep your pits moisturized and Shea Butter is a natural healer so it will help with your body repairing itself. 
  • Coconut oil = again, this is a moisturizer and also has some antibacterial properties
  • Arrow Root Powder = While sweating is a natural response to your body's temperature regulation system, nobody wants to walk around wet under the pits. Arrow Root Powder is gentle on the skin (yes, slightly more gentle than baking soda) and helps you stay dry without interfering with your hardworking pores. 
  • Lavender Essential oil = This sweet little addition is probably the hardest working ingredient in the package! Lavender fights off the bacteria that causes the stinky pits! Go figure, fight stink naturally without the extra chemicals your body doesn't need!!! 
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