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Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

 Kenyatta Trice, TOCS Occupational Consulting Solutions, LLC. (971) 333-TOCS (8627). KENYATTA@TRICEOCS.COM

Kenyatta Trice, TOCS Occupational Consulting Solutions, LLC. (971) 333-TOCS (8627). KENYATTA@TRICEOCS.COM


A chat with Kenyatta Trice…

JVN (Just V Natural): How did you get started in your business TOCS Occupational Consulting Solutions, LLC?

Kenyatta: I started helping friends with their resumes and they all received call backs, interviews and job offers. At that point I knew I was on to something.

JVN: What services do you offer?

Kenyatta: Resume development, Cover letter, Curriculum vitae, Interview preparation, Career navigation, Job searching and so much more. 

JVN: How has your past experiences contributed to your business?

Kenyatta: I had real life challenges getting back into the work force after leaving a 9 year abusive relationship. 

JVN: What do you love most about what you do?

Kenyatta: Helping people obtain long term goals.

JVN: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Kenyatta: I see myself working out of a space that offers more in depth employment services for job seekers and human resources for employers.

JVN: What three things can you leave with our readers who may be looking for employment? 

Kenyatta:  1. Recognize your skills, basically know what you can and can not do. 2. Research the company you are applying with, you should  know a little something about them too.  3. Dress the part, this ties into researching the company, wearing a suit or a dress is fine but some companies prefer a more casual look. Ladies heels no higher than 3 inches, and fellas tuck in those shirts! 

JVN: Thank you for your time today, how can people contact you?

Kenyatta: People can contact me through email at KENYATTA@TRICEOCS.COM or I can be reached directly at (971) 333-8627. 

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